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The Tier 1 Consulting Approach

Who we are

Tier 1 Consulting is a top-performing sales firm in Denver, CO specializing in direct marketing and customer acquisition for multi-billion dollar telecommunications clients.

What we do

Our sales and marketing presentations are delivered face-to-face with our customers in retail locations to ensure a superior customer service experience with tangible results.

Why we do it

We love people! Whether it’s for our clients, our customers, or our members, our business strategy is designed to benefit all parties involved and propel massive growth.

Where we do it

Headquartered in Denver, CO, Tier 1 Consulting’s marketing and sales reach extends to retail consumers located in the mile-high city! We project growth into 2 additional cities within the next year.


To further our clients' growth and expansion and provide a thriving, competitive work environment for our team members based on mutual respect and integrity.

Our services

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.
~Tim Notke

Tier 1 Consulting guarantees a 100% ROI and long-term customer satisfaction. Instead of using other marketing strategies such as telemarketing or email, Tier 1 Consulting interacts with consumers in-person, ensuring a personalized customer service and sales experience. Our professionally trained team of marketing and sales representatives deliver product-specific presentations to qualified consumers using advanced training techniques and innovative technology.

While our telecommunications clients are a strong focal point for our company, our main focus lies in providing countless opportunities for our team. Every individual in our company has the ability to grow from an entry level sales and marketing position into progressively larger roles such as Corporate Training and Campaign Management!

  • Becoming the face behind your brand's products & services

  • Bringing your company long-term, quality customers

  • Promoting only from within through merit-based growth

  • Hosting weekly team nights, philanthropy events, and leadership seminars

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The Backbone of Our Business

Cole Branch


Kanika Ung

Human Resources Manager

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Account Manager

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Account Manager

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